Why Have An Overarching 
Cybersecurity Program?


IT and security teams often buy platforms to reduce cyber risks, but they rarely have an overarching cybersecurity program that all stakeholders can comprehend.


The Perfect Storm for Middle Market Companies

covid Effect

Fast & Furious Digital Transformation & Work from Home

89% of companies already adopted a digital-first business strategy or plan to do so and 72% of companies lack a plan to secure BYOD devices.

safe harbors for criminals

Crypto & Geopolitics

$4.24M is the average cost of a data breach

talent shortage

Lack of Cyber Experience & Knowledge

2.72M Cybersecurity jobs unfilled

abuse of technology

Cyber & Non-Cyber (Apps + APIs + IoT)

Average mid market business uses 100+ SaaS apps

regulatory storm

Conflicting Overlapping & Fast-Changing Regulations

Non-standardized country and state-level regulation for Privacy and Cybersecurity Programs

Cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance

Unmanaged risk transfer is no longer an option and premiums have increased 2x to 6x.

We offer you a way to augment your existing security resources while adding any missing pieces.

The Cornerstone For Cybersecurity

More than tools, teams, or tactics, mid-market companies need a cybersecurity culture that reinforces digital defenses at all levels. Enveedo addresses all the constituent parts – technology, processes, people, and programs – through an integrated approach that aligns everything around a common cause.

Why Enveedo? Because a cybersecurity culture has never been more attainable, affordable, or adaptable for companies in the mid-market.

Enveedo reveals where, when, why, and how your cybersecurity needs to improve.

Most importantly, it empowers mid-market companies to excel at cybersecurity – by all the standards of today and tomorrow – without needing massive teams, expensive budgets, or even executive leadership.

Enveedo simplifies the overcrowded cybersecurity market with a curated Marketplace.

Find the right tools, vendors, cyber insurance policies, and service providers in our marketplace, curated to match the needs and budgets of the mid-market.

Why Enveedo?

Because it’s built specifically for mid-market companies, delivers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, and does what no other platform can do.

Enveedo increases your cyber resiliency.

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