Building a Cyber Resiliency Strategy is no Longer an Option, it is a Necessity

Build on a Solid Foundation with Enveedo—Your All-in-one Cybersecurity Solution

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  • Continuous automated risk assessment and exposure analysis with actionable recommendations.
  • Powerful API Integrations with AWS, GCP, Azure, Gusto, Office 365, G Suite, Jira, Okta, with many more in development.
  • Automated, continuous monitoring across 170+ security controls (CIS, ISO, NIST-CSF, with more to come).
  • Comprehensive Workflow Management to track, delegate and measure your security improvements in a single platform.
  • Platform-led workshops to identify and define your company's most important critical assets (the crown jewels of your business).
  • Real-time Risk Heatmap to visualize and understand your Risk Posture with detailed recommendations.
  • Risk-based Cybersecurity Roadmap to prioritize your risk reduction activities.
  • CISO Concierge​ a real-life advisor drawn from industry experts.

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