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You cannot make risk decisions based on assumptions or inside of a vacuum. Cybersecurity is highly context-dependent. What might be a minor nuisance for one organization can be an existential threat to another.

Organizations will have varying needs based on their:

  • Objectives
  • Size
  • Industry
  • Geography

Enveedo’s intuitive and easy-to-use onboarding process will guide you through the steps to developing your business risk profile and landscape.

In Enveedo’s Onboarding process you will:

  • Identify your most critical assets – your Crown Jewels.
  • Prioritize current risks and common threat types.
  • Identify your regulatory compliance requirements and goals.


Turning your security strategy into a security program is going to require a lot more than a (glorified) spreadsheet.

You’ll need to plan and coordinate a variety of initiatives – involving many different people and systems – to ensure your organization maintains ongoing cyber resilience.

Enveedo guides you through planning your cybersecurity program.

Enveedo Guides You Through Planning Your Cybersecurity Program

  • Building a comprehensive security roadmap to successively implement governance and controls that reduce your risk.
  • Assigning business impact review tasks to key stakeholders to build consensus to get your program started on the right foot.
  • Determining how best to integrate additional security tools, services, and expertise into your program.
  • Mapping compliance frameworks to specific tasks in the cybersecurity program.


Once you understand the risk landscape, develop your security strategy, and build an implementation plan, We can kick off or enhance your program.

We know that businesses face competing priorities, and it can be difficult to prioritize security. Without rigorous execution, your security program can turn into another check-the-box exercise, or worse, an ineffective drain on precious resources.

As the first-ever Cybersecurity Strategy Execution Platform, Enveedo is positioned to assist you in building a guided and automated security program.

Enveedo lets you:

  • Track risks and continuously assess their status through a unified risk register.
  • Identify and develop mitigation plans for vulnerabilities.
  • Holistically track unfinished tasks, communicate with their owners, and ensure completion.
  • Continuous performance reporting that your leadership team will understand.


Cybersecurity is never done.

Maintaining cyber resilience is a continuous process requiring continuous attention and participation by all stakeholders in your business.

IT and Security are always evolving, but are you?

  • Cyber-criminal tactics and techniques are quickly adapting.
  • Regulatory requirements, enforcement trends, and penalties continue to expand.
  • Customer security requirements are increasing based on these trends.

As the first Cybersecurity Strategy Execution Platform on the market, Enveedo has you covered. By simplifying the challenging task of maintaining your cyber resiliency, the Enveedo platform ensures your business is proactively responding to these changing circumstances through intuitive automation workflows.

Enveedo helps you approach cybersecurity as a continuous process

  • Status monitoring of your program roadmap and daily operational performance. 
  • Continuously re-assess previous risk decisions to ensure you are still making the optimal choice.
  • Monitoring employee awareness training and policy attestation.
  • Central risk management reporting and alignment with evolving compliance frameworks.

Dashboards and reporting

Knowledge is power. Making informed decisions for handling cyber risk requires having access to the relevant information.

Enveedo delivers this information through a comprehensive set of dashboards and reporting tools to quickly understand security program performance.

With Enveedo’s Dashboards you can quickly understand:

  • Where am I in my risk assessment process and which stakeholders have unfinished tasks?
  • How many vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other security issues are present in my environment and what do I do about them?
  • How are my existing technology investments protecting my organization?
  • Am I meeting our business compliance requirements?

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